Restore Disk

Restore Disk Ltd specializes in producing restore disks written for the Windows operating system. These restore disk ISO disk image files will allow a user to regain control and re-install their windows operating system, including all their drivers and data. You can download a Windows operating system restore disk, driver disk and free data recovery disk all in one go, with an option to also be sent them by mail.

Even if you have no access to your computer you can still save all your important files before carrying out an operating system re-install. This can be done because we supply every order with a free data recovery disk. So with our full restore disk solution we supply a Windows operating system restore disk, a driver resource disk and a data recovery disk. All these are available in downloadable ISO and physical format.

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    Restore Disk's data recovery boot disk.

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    Restore Disk's coders office.

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    Restore Disk's recovery system.

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    Restore Disk's customer waiting room.

Never be tempted to download a restore disk from a torrent site or from Usenet. Almost 100% of the time the fake restore disk will contain files contaminated by a trojan or virus. We will supply you a perfect genuine and legal restore disk, supplied by a genuine Microsoft authorised digital partner or directly from the OEM manufacturer.

About restore disk

data recovery disk

Restore Disk Ltd was set up to specifically service the third party market niche for the supply of an easy to use operating system recovery system.

We can repair many issues including most driver related problems and the complete legal re-installation of your operating system (you will need your COA / Product key). As an added extra all orders can be shipped by digital download and by mail. Not forgetting the free data recovery disk that we give to every purchased order for free.

We also provide commercial services for software and application development, IT hardware management & web design.

Restore operating systems

windows versions on a dark background

Microsoft puts a lot of pressure on the OEMs like Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Dell or Samsung, just to name a few, to always install the newest operating systems on the newest OEM computers

So for example if you buy a laptop with Windows 8.1 pre-installed, the manufacturer will not support Windows 7 or any Windows 7 drivers for that machine. With the release of Windows 10 many laptops and PCs that could have windows 10 installed, lack the drivers to support all the hardware. Our system will intelligently scan your new Windows 10 install and search our database of nearly 250,000 driver files for a match.

Big data driver matching

lots of smaller data restore windows pics

Our big data driver matching system, iterates through every driver ever made and matches the latest one with ever piece of hardware identified in every computer ever made. We actually have pictures of the 32 in house servers servers that carry out this task on the slide show above. A total of 512 Intel Xeon 64 bit processors carry out the work.

This system is designed to support the live indexing and matching of nearly 250,000 driver files. This makes sure that you always get the most update drivers and support for almost any machine running any Windows operating system.

Supported Computers & Devices

We support all the following OEM manufacturers : Acer, Advent, AORUS, Apple, Asus, AXIOO, IBM, Clevo, ,Compal, Dell, Digital Storm, Doel, Elitegroup Computer Systems, Everex, Falcon Northwest, Founder, Fujitsu, Getac, Gigabyte Technology, Gradiente, Grundig, Hasee, HCL, HP, Itautec, Koncar Elektronics, Lanix, Lemote, Lenovo, LG, Maingear, MDG Computers, Medion, Meebox, Micro Star International (MSI), NEC, Olivetti, Onkyo, Origin PC, Panasonic, Positivo Informatica, Razer, Samsung, Sharp, Siragon, Sony, System76, Toshiba, Tongfang, TriGem, Averatec, Vestel, VIA, Vizio, Wipro Technologies and Wortmann.